Various Logos, with studies

2016 — 2021

Sometimes you need something tactile to get your idea off the ground. An emblem to visually explain and legitimize your brand in an instant.
Here are some examples of Logo Marks created by

Common Wealth Farms, Mark and Eco-consious Reusable Packaging — 2016

P.A.L. Academy at Grafton Middle School, Versatile Word Mark — 2021

Wicked Good Java, Mark and Illustrations  — 2017

Quitters Collective — 2015

West Land, Boston Resturant Identity Concept — 2016

The Little Spell Studios — 2017

The Hanging Gallery, Identity Concept includes Website and Eco-friendly/ Washable Screen-Printed Poster for nearby Business Windows — 2016

P.A.L. Academy at Grafton Middle School, Pictoral Mark, Unused Concept — 2021

European Cellars, A wine label with 2 unique contributors — 2014